Design characteristics of the Biobloc

  1. Robust design - made from hard acrylic and arch-wire

  2. Adjustable - the centre screw allows the appliance to be easily adjusted to expand the arch-form

  3. Easy application - Its universal design allows for easy application for a wide range of patients.

How the Biobloc works

Arch Development
Some patients require increased arch development combined with the myofunctional training that MRC’s appliances offer. This is because poor oral habits have led to insufficient space in the roof of the mouth for the tongue to sit, causing an underdeveloped upper arch.

A severely narrow arch form requires arch expansion to create more room for the tongue and to allow all of MRC's appliances to work more efficiently.

The Biobloc is an adjustable appliance constructed of hard acrylic and arch wire that provides controlled arch expansion through the use of an adjustable centre screw.

One disadvantage of the Biobloc is that it occupies the space where the tongue should naturally sit and cannot be used simultaneously with the MRC's appliances. It is therefore recommended as an initial form of treatment (prior to MRC appliance use) to expand the arch and allow for the tongue to sit in the upper arch and work to develop the arch. After the Biobloc has achieved this expansion, MRC's other appliances can be used.

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Appliance use

Designed For

• Very narrow arches which require expansion to create room for the tongue to position correctly.