Design characteristics of the Bruxogard™ Soft

  1. Single layer construction - for maximum patient comfort.

  2. Easily moulds - in 1 minute.

  3. Injection moulded - for excellent retention.

How the Bruxogard™ Soft works

Bruxing is defined as grinding, gnashing or clenching of the teeth. It is mostly an unconscious habit as a result of tension or anxiety.

Patients who show long term damage from bruxing can be a restorative nightmare. Occlusal wear, mobility, cusp fracture and TMJ symptoms are evident when these cases arise. Resolving the causes of bruxing goes far beyond the dentist’s scope of treatment. However, limiting or preventing further damage from this common problem is the role of every general dental practitioner.

Patients are given limited options for a solution to their bruxing symptoms. Full coverage splints have been used for years to limit the damaging effects of bruxing, but are difficult to fit and adjust. Patients are reluctant to cover the costs and would rather live with the problem, often leading to further damage of the teeth.

The BruxogardSoft is a mouldable appliance that fits tightly to the upper arch for increased comfort and retention while sleeping. It is designed for patients who have bruxing issues and are looking for a cost-effective alternative to dental-made appliances. The Bruxogard™ can be fitted in 1 minute by the patient or dentist, and provides a soft, flat-plane splint to protect the dentition and the TM Joints from the effects of bruxing, grinding and clenching.

The BruxogardSoft can be used to effectively manage and reduce bruxing symptoms without time consuming procedures. The appliance can be fitted in less than 4 minutes by either the patient or dental professional, with all fitting and usage instructions included in the pack.

It’s a low-cost initial treatment that’s ideal for initial symptom reduction.

Patient Selection
The BruxogardSoft is designed for patients who only display signs of moderate bruxing or are less than 12 years of age.

The BruxogardSoft will wear out after a period of time and should be replaced with a new one when this occurs. If rapid wear is a problem, the Bruxogard™ Soft can be replaced with a conventional, full coverage splint made from acrylic, or the BruxogardHard.

Once patients see the damage inflicted to the Bruxogard™ by their bad habits, they may become more aware of their problem, and motivated to seek a cure.

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Offering the Bruxogard™ Soft in your practice

The BruxogardSoft a low-cost initial treatment that’s ideal for initial symptom reduction.

- Ideal for general use.
- Appliance can be self-moulded at home.
- Fits any size mouth for ages 8 through to adults
- Immediate protection from bruxing - effective barrier between the upper and lower teeth.
- Flat base designed to protect teeth and jaws from the effects of night tooth grinding (bruxing)
- The BruxogardSoft can be moulded in just one minute
- Used day or night (when needed).
- Custom moulding provides excellent retention while sleeping.

Appliance use

Designed For

The BruxogardSoft is designed for patients who only display signs of moderate bruxing or are under 12 years of age.

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