Design characteristics of the BWS™

  1. 0.7mm low-nickel wire - exerts light intermittent forces.

  2. No palatal component - means there is no encroachment on tongue space; allowing the tongue to sit in the correct position in the maxilla.

  3. In-house fabrication - means that the BWS™ can be made in minutes without the need for laboratory expenses.

  4. Aesthetically pleasing design - has no extra-orally visible components.

How the BWS™ works

Arch Development
Some patients require increased arch development combined with the myofunctional training that MRC’s appliances offer. This is because poor oral habits have led to insufficient space in the roof of the mouth for the tongue to sit, causing an underdeveloped upper arch.

The Bent Wire System™ (BWS™) is a light-wire appliance that offers additional arch development. The BWS™ is effective in gaining anterior arch development when used in conjunction with select appliances from the Myobrace® and Trainer systems. 

The BWS™ is an effective appliance that can correct malocclusion without the need for braces or extractions, but it needs to be used properly.  If the patient is not using their MRC appliance as directed then do not activate the BWS™, and inform the patient/parent that the directions must be followed or as a consequence, treatment time will increase and the chances of an unsuccessful outcome are increased.

Patient Selection
The BWS™ is best suited for patients 8 - 15+ years of age who require arch expansion in combination with their MRC appliance. The majority of patients who require treatment in the late-mixed early-permanent dentition often require arch expansion.  A patient’s biological ability to change during this developmental period is lessened and so it is beneficial to combine one of MRC’s appliances with a BWS™ to expand the arch and achieve the best results possible for the patients.

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Cases treated using the BWS™

Appliance use

Designed For

  • Narrow arch development     
  • Anterior crowding

Works in Conjunction With

The Trainer System

The Myobrace System

Learning Resources

Please click the link below to view training videos related to the BWS

BWS™ training videos