Design characteristics of the Infant Trainer™ Hard

  1. Air Spring - allows a gentle, active stimulation to the growing face.

  2. Tongue Tag - actively trains the child to position their tongue and swallow correctly.

  3. Tongue Guard - actively trains the child to position their tongue and swallow correctly.

  4. Strap-tether - ensures that the Infant Trainer™ is not lost when spat out.

How the Infant Trainer™ Hard works

The Infant Trainer
The Infant Trainer™ is an active exerciser that encourages patients to chew correctly while using the jaw muscles. The Infant Trainer™ helps patients breathe through their nose and it also trains them to swallow and position their tongue correctly. Research clearly illustrates that correct facial, jaw and dental growth depends strongly on all of these factors. The Infant Trainer™ may prevent the need for orthodontic treatment such as braces and extractions once the patient grows older. 

Patient Selection
The Infant Trainer™ is a viable alternative for all parents with children 3 - 5 years old who are familiar with pacifiers but are concerned about the possible negative dental impacts associated with pacifier use, thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing and mouth breathing. The Infant Trainer™ discourages all these poor habits, and stimulates a child’s jaw to ensure that correct facial and jaw growth is achieved.

Direction for use

The Infant Trainer™ must be worn for 1 hour each day and overnight while sleeping and always remember to follow these few simple steps:
• Lips together - at all times except when speaking.
• Breathe through the nose - to assist the development of the upper and lower jaws, and to achieve the correct bite.
• No lip activity when swallowing - which allows the front teeth to develop correctly.

Cleaning the Infant Trainer™
The Infant Trainer™ should be clean under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice a week. Myoclean™ is the recommended cleaning agent for MRC's appliances.

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Cases treated using the Infant Trainer™ Hard

Appliance use

Designed For

• Exercising jaw muscles
• Encouraging correct chewing
• Training correct nasal breathing
• Correcting tongue position
• Good replacement of pacifier / dummy

Works in Conjunction With

Lip Trainer

Important Points

The steps for correct dental and facial development are:

• Lips together.

• Breathe through the nose.

• No lip activity when swallowing.

Poor myofunctional habits such as incorrect swallowing and breathing through the mouth are the major cause of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. Research has shown that the correction of these poor myofunctional habits improves facial and dental development.

Due to the nature of removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefore it is important to only select motivated patients and parents. If motivation is a problem, it may be better to suggest the use of conventional brackets.