Design characteristics of the Lingua™

  1. Single arch, low-profile appliance - allows for easy speech and daytime use.

  2. Braces channel - accommodates brackets and orthodontic archwire, and protects cheeks and gums.

  3. Tongue tag - stops tongue thrusting when in place and encourages nose breathing.

Patient Selection

The LINGUA™ is well suited to patients in fixed braces who want an appliance that they can wear during the day that offers the tongue, cheeks and lips protection from the brackets, but does not impair speech.

Offering the Lingua™ in your practice

There are five steps that we recommend in order to successfully integrate MRC’s appliances into any practice:

1. Understand soft tissue dysfunction.
2. Study the MRC appliance range
3. Attend an MRC Myofunctional Orthodontics seminar
4. Select motivated patients
5. Take clinical photos to evaluate progress

For more information, please visit Getting Started.

Appliance use

Designed For

  • Training the tongue day and night.

Works in Conjunction With

  • Fixed orthodontics
  • T4B™
  • T4B2™

Important Points

The steps for correct dental and facial development are:

• Lips together.

• Breathe through the nose.

• No lip activity when swallowing.

Poor myofunctional habits such as incorrect swallowing and breathing through the mouth are the major cause of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. Research has shown that the correction of these poor myofunctional habits improves facial and dental development.

Due to the nature of removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefore it is important to only select motivated patients and parents. If motivation is a problem, it may be better to suggest the use of conventional brackets.