How the LST works

The Lip Seal Trainer assists in training the lips to stay together and improve lip strength. This is essential for the correction of chronic mouth breathing.

For children with poor lip seal and open mouth posture, the device includes features which allow progression of lip competency. The Training Board feature can be used as a starting point for the first month before progressing to the Lip Seal Spade. By holding either the Lip Seal Spade or the Training Board between the lips, the patient trains their habitual lip posture to be sealed. It can also be used in conjunction with a Myobrace® or Myosa® appliance for added difficulty.

Once a patient can easily hold the Training Board between their lips, they can attempt to hold the Lip Seal Spade between their lips, which requires extra tone and strength for advanced training.

Directions for use:

It is recommended that the Lip Seal Trainer is firstly used in combination with the Myobrace® appliance.

  1. Place the Lip Seal Trainer between the lips with the end touching the Myobrace® appliance then lightly close the lips enough to hold it in place. Continue this for 10 minutes while you are wearing the Myobrace® appliance.
  2. Remove the Myobrace® appliance and use the Lip Seal Trainer on its own for another 2 minutes. Combine with 5 minutes of Lip Trainer™ use, twice daily, or as instructed by your practitioner.
Lip Seal Trainer Instructions

*These instructions may vary based on your individual needs as indicated by your practitioner.

Cleaning the Myotalea® Lip Seal Trainer
Clean your Lip Seal Trainer appliance under warm running water every time you remove it from your mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice every week. Ask your doctor or dental therapist about Myoclean™, the recommended cleaning agent for all Myotalea® appliances.

Appliance Features

  • Training Board is a beginner feature to train lip seal posture.
  • Lip Seal Spade is an advanced feature to train lip seal posture.
  • Can be combined with the Lip Trainer™ for added lip strength and posture training.


  • Used to ensure the lips are closed whilst Myobrace® or Myosa® appliance is in place.
  • Also suitable to train habitual lip seal posture without a Myobrace® or Myosa® appliance.
  • Helps deactivate the mentalis muscle during lip seal.
  • Can be used as an adjunct appliance to myofunctional therapy.
Lip Seal Trainer Features

Appliance use

Designed For

• Habitual mouth breathing

• Lips apart rest posture

• Weak lip strength

Important Points