How the Lip Trainer™ works

Modern research has shown that mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position and swallowing habits cause misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. One of the most important ways to correct this is by keeping the lips together and breathing through the nose. Although the Myobrace® System addresses those habits, most children will need additional exercises to achieve this goal.

The Lip Trainer™ is designed to be used in conjunction with other appliances in the Trainer and Myobrace® and Myosa® Systems. Mouth breathing children cannot close their lips without a lot of strained lip activity which is detrimental to jaw growth. The Lip Trainer™ improves and helps to obtain lip seal, while strengthening and stretching the lower lip muscles to reduce their overactivity when swallowing. The Lip Trainer™ is used to stretch and strengthen the lip muscles, while the Lip Seal Trainer teaches the lips to stay together at all times when not speaking.



  • Ideal Arch Shape perfectly adapts to the orbicularis oris and helps strengthen the muscle when combined with the Strap-Tether.
  • Strap-Tether allows patient to pull the appliance in multiple directions and enables individual lip muscle training.
  • Lip Bumper provides feedback to the lower lip muscles so that the mentalis muscle does not activate when a patient swallows.



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Cleaning the Myotalea® Lip Trainer
The Lip Trainer™ appliance should be cleaned under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice a week. Myoclean™ is the recommended cleaning agent for MRC's appliances.

Appliance use

Designed For

  • Strengthening the orbicularis oris.
  • Deactivate the mentalis muscle when patient is swallowing.
  • Patients with incompetent lips to establish lip seal.
  • Transitioning to nasal breathing by addressing lip incompetence.
  • Can be used as an adjunct appliance to myofunctional therapy.

Works in Conjunction With

  • All of MRC's appliances
  • Fixed orthodontics

Important Points

The steps for correct dental and facial development are:

• Lips together.

• Breathe through the nose.

• No lip activity when swallowing.

Poor myofunctional habits such as incorrect swallowing and breathing through the mouth are the major cause of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. Research has shown that the correction of these poor myofunctional habits improves facial and dental development.

Due to the nature of removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefore it is important to only select motivated patients and parents. If motivation is a problem, it may be better to suggest the use of conventional brackets.