Design characteristics of the Lip Trainer™

  1. Lip bumper - discourages the strong overactive musculature in the mentalis area that Class II malocclusion cases typically have.

  2. Strap-Tether - exercises the oral muscles.

  3. Ideally shaped - to match the orbicularis oris (muscles around the mouth).

How the Lip Trainer™ works

Lip Trainer™
Bad myofunctional habits such as incorrect tongue position and function plus mouth breathing are often the cause of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. If left untreated, myofunctional habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect swallow and tongue thrusting will be detrimental to correct facial development and any future orthodontics.

The Lip Trainer™ can be used in combination with MRC's appliances for five minutes twice each day. It improves lip seal and strengthens and stretches the lower lip muscles to reduce their overactivity when swallowing.

All appliances in the Trainer System™ are designed to re-train the oral musculature (the Myofunctional Effect™). This assists in the correction of tooth and jaw alignment.

Patient Selection
Some children may show signs of lip incompetence or poor muscle tone around the lips (Orbicularis oris muscle). This problem can persist despite correct use of the Trainer and Myobrace® appliances. The Lip Trainer™ can be used for patients of any age, in combination with any appliance from the Trainer or Myobrace® Systems. It is particularly useful for mouth breathers who have difficulty closing their mouth. Recommended daily use is 5 minutes twice daily.

Cleaning the Lip Trainer™
The Lip Trainer™ should be cleaned under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice a week. Myoclean™ is the recommended cleaning agent for MRC's appliances.

Appliance use

Designed For

  • Improving lip seal and discouraging mouth breathing.

Works in Conjunction With

  • All of MRC’s appliances
  • Fixed orthodontics

Important Points

The steps for correct dental and facial development are:

• Lips together.

• Breathe through the nose.

• No lip activity when swallowing.

Poor myofunctional habits such as incorrect swallowing and breathing through the mouth are the major cause of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development. Research has shown that the correction of these poor myofunctional habits improves facial and dental development.

Due to the nature of removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefore it is important to only select motivated patients and parents. If motivation is a problem, it may be better to suggest the use of conventional brackets.