Design characteristics of the TMJ-MBV™

  1. Four large breathing holes - allow for easy breathing with the mouth open.

  2. Tongue guard - controls the tongue position.

  3. Higher sides - for optimum retention.

  4. Air spring base - for variable bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression.

How the TMJ-MBV™ works

TMJ MBV Appliance
One of the concepts of prevention of snoring that is effective in selected patients is opening of the airway by increasing the vertical dimension and advancing the mandible. This principle is used in a number of snoring devices. The problem with many of these snoring devices is that they are rigid, and hold the mandible into a downward and forward position, locking the condyles into a compressed state against the eminence. Patients often complain about TMJ pain after wearing such hard fixed snoring appliances. Often their use needs to be suspended because of this and other dental problems.

The TMJ-MBV™ (TMJ Mouth Breather Version) was designed to cater for the increasing demand from patients who experience both Temporo-mandibular Joint (jaw joint) Disorder and snoring. It is a prefabricated, soft, flexible (medical silicone) appliance that is fitted by the patient with two sizes - a smaller, 7mm base and a larger, 11mm base.

Although the TMJ-MBV™ appears to be a physically larger appliance compared to the regular TMJ Appliance™, it is still comfortable to wear. The increased size is mainly due to the higher vertical sides which result in much better retention, particularly when the mouth is open (as is typical in snorers).

The base thickness has been increased from 4.5mm to 11mm. However with the addition of the air springs front and rear, the effective bite opening varies between 5 and 8 mm. This means it is just as comfortable as the previous version, with the condyle never “locked” in one position like rigid snoring appliances. The result is better long term TMJ health. Other dental problems, such as depression of the molars, will not be a problem thanks to the unique base.

The TMJ-MBV™ is made from the same soft flexible silicone material as the regular TMJ Appliance™. This allows for considerable lateral and A-P movement of the mandible making the appliance more comfortable for the patient. The TMJ-MBV™ is also the most appropriate for use with patients who already have an existing TMJ disorder.

There are many products available for snoring and sleep apnea devices, but probably none cover every aspect of treatment. The new TMJ-MBV™ advances the mandible, and provides good retention— but most importantly is primarily designed to produce a healthier TMJ.

The TMJ System
The TMJ System™ is comprised of a series of soft intra-oral appliances specifically designed to assist in the diagnosis and symptom relief of TMJ disorder.

The appliances have a thick section at the back which relieves pressure by gently decompressing the inflamed joints when placed in the mouth. They also automatically correct the alignment of the lower jaw and stretch the tight and painful muscles around the jaws, head and neck area, resulting in an immediate decrease in pain.

Over long periods, this helps to decrease long term pain. Bruxing (grinding of teeth) is also prevented by the patented aerofoil shaped base and dual moulded design.

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Offering the TMJ-MBV™ in your practice

The TMJ-MBV™ is available in two base sizes - 7mm and 11mm. No impressions, moulding or adjustments are required. The appliances are effective, simple to use and can be dispensed by a Doctor without an additional referral needed.

  • Two appliance sizes - simple appliance-patient selection.
  • No referral required to administer the TMJ-MBV™.
  • No impressions, no moulding - effectively zero chair time.
  • Symptoms are reduced or eliminated without time consuming procedures.
  • Diagnostic procedure at low-time and cost.
  • Soft silicone construction material is "easy" on painful joints and muscles, unlike hard acrylic splints.
  • Ideal for initial symptom reduction.
  • Patient instructions are contained in the pack.
  • Sterilised by boiling or autoclaving.
  • A low-cost initial treatment.

Appliance use

Designed For

Mouth breathers and snorers.

Learning Resources

There are a range of materials available for practitioners who wish to learn more about diagnosing TMJ disorder and offering treatment in their practice.

Myofunctional Orthodontics section on TMJ disorder
What is TMJ Disorder?, What are the causes?; and Muscle and joint palpation procedure (videos)