Design characteristics of the P-3

  1. Dual arch design - to obtain nasal breathing.

  2. Tongue tag, tongue guard and elevators – trains the tongue to sit in the correct position in the upper jaw.

  3. Firm Polyurethane Construction – with Frankel shields to assist upper arch development.

  4. Upper and lower front tooth channels - offset 3mm to correct Class III "underbite".

How the P-3 works

Myobrace® P-3

The P-3® works by repositioning the upper front teeth forwards and the lower front teeth backwards, which assists to correct the crossbite*. The P-3® also helps to correct the tongue position, further improving the upper jaw shape and tooth position.

Goals of treatment

• Breathe through the nose.
• Tongue rest position in the upper jaw, not the lower jaw.
• No activity in the lip muscles when swallowing.
• Upper front teeth move forwards and the lower front teeth move backwards correcting the underbite.
• Avoid jaw surgery and jaw joint problems.

Directions for use:

P-3 Imstructions

Step 1 – Hold the Myobrace® with the tongue tag facing up.

Step 2 – Place the Myobrace® into your mouth.

Step 3 – Keep your tongue positioned on the tongue tag.

Step 4 – Close down on the Myobrace® and feel it working to align your front teeth and jaws.

Step 5 – Keep your lips together and breathe through your nose.

Cleaning the Myobrace® P-3

Cleaning your Myobrace®: Clean your appliance under warm running water every time you remove it from your mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice every week. Ask your doctor or dental assistant about Myoclean™, the recommended cleaning agent for all Myobrace® appliances.

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Appliance use

Designed For

  • Assist in Class III dental correction in adults.
  • Helps to correct the tongue position.
  • improving upper jaw shape and tooth position.