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Courses and Events


Myofunctional Orthodontics - Advanced Course
(London) October 10th, 2013. More Info >>
(Spain) October 22nd - 23rd, 2013. More Info >>

Myofunctional Orthodontics - Introduction Course
(Russia) October 30th, 2013. More Info >>

Come and see us at the BDTA Dental showcase - Stand Q09. October 17-19, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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Myofunctional Orthodontics - Addressing Compliance

At one of my most recent lecture programs the very first question asked was, "How do you get compliance? How do you get patients to follow the treatment plan?" Clearly, this is the number one topic of concern for producing consistent results when practicing Myofunctional Orthodontics.

My answer is always to focus on communicating clearly with the child. This is an area that doctors need to devote more time to, and doing it well takes some practice.

I often say to parents, "It is the child’s problem and the child has the solution." The first step is to make the patient aware of their incorrect myofunctional habits. We use interactive visual media, consisting of 3D animations, images and videos to clearly explain that by wearing the Trainer or Myobrace they can get straighter teeth and also better facial development.

One vital detail that must be incorporated into any myofunctional orthodontic practice is conveniently located mirrors. Having immediate access to a mirror in all areas of the practice allows you to easily show the child where their tongue must be positioned at rest, and how to stop the mentalis area restricting their jaw development.

Image of child performing trainer activities with a mirror.   Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this.

The next most important point in obtaining compliance is getting the child into a routine. I often use education in sport as an example. You might say to the child, "You do not get to be a top athlete without practicing daily." or "You cannot get good grades at school without studying every day." Pick a time each day that the child suggests that can be associated with Trainer or Myobrace use.

The final point is to ensure you schedule regular monthly visits and sometimes more frequently in the early stages of treatment. If the child knows that the Doctor is regularly checking their progress, compliance becomes much less of an issue. Also remember that much of the patient visit can be delegated to trained auxiliaries, so your time can be minimal for each visit.

Parent and patient education is the most important factor in getting consistent results with Myofunctional Orthodontics. MRC dedicates significant resources to developing patient educational media that specifically aids doctors in better educating their patients. The Myobrace.com website was primarily designed for parents and children to learn all about Myobrace treatment options in an interactive and informative manner.

Myofunctional Orthodontics is not just about straightening teeth, it is about correct breathing and function to obtain optimal growth potential and naturally correct tooth position.

Regular Orthodontics with braces cannot achieve this.

Video Tip - Soft Tissue Irritations

A question we sometimes get is how to deal with appliances that may cause soft tissue irritations in your patients.

It is not a common occurrence, but it does happen. The first thing you need to do to prevent this from happening is to assess crown height. If the crown height is ... More Info >>

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Case Study

Patient Information
Gender Female
Age 13 years, 6 months
Relevant Medical History Occasional Hayfever
Myofunctional Evaluation
Breathing Mouth breathing has led to incorrect tongue rest posture
Tongue Incorrect tongue rest posture has led to underdeveloped jaws
Swallow Reverse swallow has limited proper development of Mandible, causing overbite and overjet
Lips & Cheeks Buccinator activity has led to palatally-inclined premolars
Treatment Plan
Myobrace Appliance Sequence K1 -> K2 -> T3 -> T4

Before Treatment with
Myobrace Appliance Sequence

After Treatment with
Myobrace Appliance Sequence

Case study.   Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this. Case study.   Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this.

Comments from Doctors

Honestly, at this point in time, I really cannot imagine practicing without the MRC appliances in my treatment planning arsenal. We have so many happy parents that it is really exciting to see these kids with the great progress they make. I love the concept of less extractions, correcting habits, and broadening arches in a conservative manner with the MRC appliances.

As an orthodontist, I firmly believe in Sicher’s words: "Whenever there is a struggle between muscle and bone, muscle wins." I have been treating my patients with fixed appliances together with muscle exercises for many years. That is why I am very interested in MRC's treatment philosophy. I think it is a great gift for the children in mixed dentition who are always told to wait until their permanent dentition to start orthodontic. I have tried MRC on my patients aged from 3.5 to 20, and it worked well.

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Around the World

Tokyo, Japan

MRC CEO & Founder Dr Chris Farrell presents to 120 dentists and Orthodontists in Tokyo, Japan.

A great turnout with plenty of questions answered.

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MRC Training Center - Rancho Cucamonga, USA

A very receptive group of doctors came to attend our mid-september beginners course on myofunctional orthodontics.

MRC's leading Myofunctional Therapists educated doctors on addressing compliance and patient education.

Image of our U.S. training center.   Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this.

Hanoi City, Vietman

Dr Chris Farrell recently visited a packed lecture to celebrate N.K Luck's 15th year in Vietnam. One of South East Asia's leading distributors of dental equipment and materials.

Image of Dr Chris Farrell with N.K. Luck.   Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this.

MRC Training Center - Waalwijk, Netherlands

MRC Europe recently facilitated the lecture meeting of Dr. John Flutter at their premises in Waalwijk. During the day the participants (doctors and their staff) were informed about the various topics concerning an early orthodontic treatment practice.

MRC's Head Quarters in Europe has a complete myofunctional orthodontic practice layout system that is specifically designed for demonstrating this revolutionary approach to early orthodontics. If you’d like to make an appointment to visit our office in Europe, visit myoresearch.com/contact or call us today on + 31 416 651 696.

Image of our Europe training center. Attendants are being shown what to say to the children.  Scroll to top of enewsletter and click 'view in browser' to view this.

MRC worldwide contacts


Head Office & Training Center
Unit 1-4, 44 Siganto Drive
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Regional Office & Training Center
9267 Charles Smith Avenue
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Phone: 1 909 587 4940
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Regional Office & Training Center
Gompenstraat 21c 5145 RM
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UK toll-free: 800 69612345
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