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Paediatric Orthodontics - Is this the future?

WITH the festive season here and 2015 just around the corner, work is winding down on a busy year at MRC. In addition to hosting professional courses on nearly every continent for delegates from around the world, during 2014 MRC opened a new international training facility, carried out corporate rebranding and continued development of innovative appliance as well as patient education systems.

However, while these projects have kept MRC busy it has been changes in the profession and a shift in how orthodontics is being practiced causing excitement within the organisation. In a recent edition of Australasian Dentist magazine MRC founder and CEO Dr Chris Farrell described a perfect storm of changes sweeping through the dentistry profession.

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Dr Farrell wrote that unless they were prepared to embrace these changes, which are being driven by factors such as an oversupply of dentists, corporatisation of the industry and diminishing returns as well as modern patient demands, practitioners risked becoming routine providers of the “$99 all you can eat check, x-ray, scale and clean.”

However, despite the challenges faced by the industry, Dr Farrell wrote that for practitioners who were prepared to embrace change and look beyond traditional treatment techniques there were exciting opportunities. These opportunities included the emerging field of paediatric or preventive orthodontics, which is based on modern research and focused on correcting airway compromise and neuromuscular dysfunction in order to unlock a child’s genetic potential for natural growth and development.

The complete article, details how paediatric orthodontics presents a wealth of opportunities for practitioners and the large role it will play in the future of the dentistry profession is now available on the myoresearch.com website.

You can find this resource at: http://myoresearch.com/library/categories/C12/

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New and exciting innovations in MRC’s paediatric orthodontic systems will be unveiled at IDS 2015 in Germany but in the meantime the company wishes our friends and colleagues a happy festive season and looks forward to working with you in the new year.

Case Study

The case below is an example of a patient who has had great correction of an anterior crossbite in only 4 months. The case is not yet finished, but demonstrates significant change in a short period of time for a class III case. The patient was treated using the i-3N and i-3 appliances.

Before Treatment with
Myobrace Appliance Sequence

After Treatment with
Myobrace Appliance Sequence

Images before the Myobrace<sup>®</sup> appliance has been used. Images after the Myobrace<sup>®</sup> appliance has been used.

Around the World

MRC representatives Ildi Kaczmarek and Alyx Spina visited Japan recently to attend to attend the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society in China.

Delegates from around the world visited the brand new MRC International Training Facility Australia after it opened in late 2014.

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During 2014 MRC Founder and CEO Dr Chris Farrell as well as MRC Clinical Director Rohan Wijey visited Loma Linda University for Dentistry and Orthodontics to provide training.

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