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A successful year for Myofunctional Orthodontics

NOW the year is drawing to a close the Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) team has been able to pause and take stock of a busy 2015. In addition to hosting professional courses for delegates throughout every corner of the globe, during 2015 MRC released the myOSA® brand of myofunctional sleep appliances as well as the ground-breaking Myobrace Activities patient education app.

Additionally, MRC showcased myofunctional treatment systems at the 2015 International Dental Show in Cologne and the WFO 8th International Congress in London.

FEATURE: Stemming the tide of Malocclusion - Addressing the habits.
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MRC founder and CEO Dr Chris Farrell said his positive interaction with delegates during WFO and IDS as well as the rapidly increasing numbers attending courses was evidence that the changes, which for the last several years gathering on the horizon are beginning to take hold within the profession.

 Dr Farrell said the feedback he had received during 2015 indicated the underlying causes of developing orthodontics were well documented and there was no longer any dispute that airway and neuromuscular dysfunction were affecting craniofacial growth and causing orthodontic problems in modern children. Dr Farrell said 2015 was a watershed year for MRC and it was exciting to see how the potential benefit, for both practitioners and patients, offered by paediatric or preventive orthodontics was quickly being realised.

Myoresearch at WFO 2015

MRC showcasing at the WFO London 2015.

Furthermore, while mechanically straightening teeth or removing tonsils cannot correct the underlying neuromuscular or upper airway dysfunction which causes malocclusion and sleep disordered breathing (SDB), MRC does have effective treatment solutions to address this dysfunction as well as the practice management systems required to make it all work. In a recent interview New Jersey orthodontist Dr Barry Raphael discussed the paradigm shift away from mechanical treatments towards biological solutions.

MRC's appliances treat the causes of Malocclusion and sleep disordered breathing

MRC's appliances treat the causes
of malocclusion & SDB

Dr Raphael explained how healthcare professionals were starting to realise that just treating symptoms had little long-term benefit and unless the underlying causes were addressed the tide of malocclusion and Sleep Disordered Breathing could not be stemmed.

Next year is shaping as another busy, innovative 12 months for the MRC team and interest for our 2016 educational courses is at an all time high, so contact MRC to secure your place.

In the meantime the company wishes our friends and colleagues a happy festive season and looks forward to working with you in the New Year.

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