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See us at IDS 2015: Hall 11.3, Aisle E No. 030

International Dental Show - 2015

THE 36th International Dental Show (IDS) is held once every two years and is considered one of the dental industry’s premier expo events and an opportunity for dental professionals to share information as well as industry innovators to showcase new products and advances in the field of dentistry.

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During IDS 2015, Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) will showcase the company’s latest developments in advanced intra-oral appliance technology, online patient education programs and doctor training programs as well as upper airway and neuromuscular dysfunction treatment systems.

Patient Education - Myobrace Activities App

Airway and neuromuscular dysfunction has been identified as a major contributor to the cause of malocclusion and based on modern research, myofunctional orthodontics works to address these underlying causes of crooked teeth.

MRC has recognised patient compliance as a vital aspect of myofunctional orthodontics and that by encouraging patients to play an active role in their own treatment, impressive and stable results can be obtained. In order to foster this compliance, patient education performs an essential function in Myobrace® treatment. During IDS 2015, MRC will launch the company’s latest development in patient educational programs.

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When a parent understands there is a problem with their child’s growth and development, and they are made aware of the options available for immediate treatment, most are likely to be interested in what myofunctional orthodontic treatment has to offer.

The highly interactive Myobrace® Activities App is intended to be used in conjunction with the Myobrace® appliances and is specifically designed to present consistent educational information to young patients, at a level they understand and enjoy.

While trained auxiliaries play a necessary role in patient education, the app decreases the amount of time these staff members, must spend with the education component of Myobrace® treatment.

MRC’s targeted Myobrace® Activities are exercises that are focused towards correcting the patient’s poor breathing, incorrect tongue position and dysfunctional swallowing patterns as well as strengthening lips and cheeks and correcting posture.

Myobrace Activities

Myobrace® Activities are performed in combination
with the Myobrace® and assist the correction of
poor oral habits.

By offering a sequence of videos demonstrating each of these activities then quizzing patients on how and why they should correctly complete the activity, the app encourages compliance and helps to ensure patients receive the maximum possible benefit from the Myobrace® Activities program. The app is designed to engage the patient as well as provide an interactive environment with individual goals and incentives.

While this series of activities has been intuitively structured to guide the patient through the entire suite of activities in an order targeted towards providing the greatest benefit, there is an option for the practitioner to customise an activity sequence for individual cases. Compatible with most desktop, tablet and mobile devices, the Myobrace® Activities App is designed with children of all ages in mind.

Myofunctional Sleep Appliances

Observations have highlighted an increasing number of 21st century children who exhibit upper airway or neuromuscular dysfunction. For the past 25 years MRC has identified these issues as a major cause of malocclusion. Furthermore, the medical profession has now recognised that this upper airway dysfunction can cause serious health issues such as behavioural problems, ADHD or learning difficulties in children as well as circulation or heart problems and obstructive sleep apnoea in adults. 

MRC understands that correcting upper airway compromise and neuromuscular dysfunction assists to unlock a child’s genetic potential for natural growth and development.  Put simply a child who breathes through the nose, with correct tongue posture (in the maxilla) and swallowing patterns will most likely develop properly with little need for orthodontic treatment.  Whereas, a child who mouth breathes and cannot posture the tongue correctly in the maxilla will have an aberrant swallow as well as most likely have a malocclusion and experience other airway related health issues.

Bad Myofunctional Habits

If left untreated airway dysfunction
can cause serious health issues.

As well as offering the potential for preventive pre-orthodontic treatment, MRC’s treatment systems can decrease the severity of malocclusion and often prevent the need for traditional extraction and fixed braces techniques. As a result MRC now has appliance systems, educational systems and clinical management systems available to provide the dental profession with a new dimension in profitable practice expansion.  These systems address upper airway and neuromuscular dysfunction and are already highly beneficial for the health and development of a growing child.  Additionally, in 2015 MRC intends to expand the treatment to include breathing disorders in the adult population with a series of adult myofunctional sleep appliances, myOSA®.

MRC’s advanced upper airway compromise and neuromuscular dysfunction treatment systems allow practitioners to treat more patients, improve patient flow, and increase efficiency by delegation as well as add financial benefits for both the doctor and parent. Visit our booth at IDS to learn more about these, or visit our website myoresearch.com and attend a seminar.

MRC Courses and Training Programs

With a global network of international training facilities, MRC is well equipped to provide the dental profession with an educational experience that includes valuable insight into the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion using the Myobrace® System.

Hands-on courses equip attendees with the knowledge and ability to treat a wider range of cases while achieving better patient compliance and experiencing increased profitability.

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Practitioners who attend an MRC course also become eligible for access to MRC’s exclusive online Myobrace® Training Program.

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Myobrace® Certified Provider Program

The Myobrace Certified Provider Program has been developed for dentists and orthodontists who are looking for a streamlined process for introducing myofunctional orthodontics into their practice. Myobrace Certified Providers are given access to MRCʼs practice layout system, educational programs (including the Myobrace Activities) and marketing tools.

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Become a Myobrace Certified Provider™

Intra-oral appliance technology

The Myobrace® System is a highly developed myofunctional orthodontic system, which combines myofunctional habit correction, arch expansion and dental alignment into one integrated system that satisfies the increasing parental demand for modern, early pre-orthodontic treatments. The intuitively structured Myobrace® appliance systems have enabled practitioners around the world to easily and successfully implement myofunctional orthodontic treatment methods into their practice.

The Myobrace for Braces series, which will be included in MRC’s IDS 2015 showcase, is the newest addition to the Myobrace® appliance range. This appliance range is a three-stage appliance system, which facilitates the treatment of the habits causing malocclusion alongside simultaneous treatment with fixed orthodontic braces. The Myobrace for Braces series, which can assist in providing more stable orthodontic treatment results, incorporates the B1 as well as the B1 Ling for habit correction, B2 for habit correction and arch expansion and the B3 for habit correction in the retention phase with clear aligners.

Myobrace for Braces™ B2 Appliance

Myobrace for Braces- B2 Appliance

The Myobrace® for Teens is a four-stage appliance system designed to be most effective during development of the permanent dentition when erupting teeth can be guided into their correct natural position. During IDS 2015 significant upgrades to the T1 and T2 appliances will be introduced. These upgrades include additional or revamped features for improved habit correction and arch development.

The Myobrace® System, by MRC, is the worlds most advanced myofunctional orthodontic treatment system.  The system allows practitioners to treat more children earlier, improve patient flow, and increase efficiency by delegation while providing financial benefits for the doctor and parent. Visit our booth at IDS 2015 to learn more about this advanced myofunctional orthodontic system, or see our website myoresearch.com and attend a seminar.

Visit our booth at IDS 2015:
Hall 11.3 Aisle E No. 030

Or visit our website: www.myoresearch.com
and attend a seminar

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