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Training Programs

About our training programs

There is currently rapidly growing public demand for non-extraction orthodontic treatment without braces. The concerns over relapse after treatment with braces and the use of permanent retainers has led to increased interest in both the Trainer and Myobrace® systems as viable, non-extraction, non-fixed-bracket options for many patients. It is also important for doctors to understand that myofunctional treatment is not solely directed at the dental structures, but also at the soft tissue.

Doctors commonly ask two questions about early treatment and myofunctional orthodontics: “When do I start treatment?”, and “What do I charge?”. These and many more questions are answered by attending one of our courses on myofunctional orthodontics. These courses also provide doctors with the opportunity to join of our global network of Myobrace Certified Providers™.

Already have an understanding of myofunctional orthodontic treatment methods but are looking for further training resources online? View our online 'Training Materials'.