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2017 Sleep Symposium Awakening the opportunity; Dentistry, Snoring & OSA - Sydney

9:00 AM Fri, September 29, 2017 - 5:00 PM Sat, September 30, 2017

Awakening the opportunity; Dentistry, Snoring & OSA

See Dr. Chris Farrel lecturing at the 2017 Sleep Symposium in Sydney, Australia.  
How much has Dentistry changed in the last 50 years? Who would have envisaged that Dentistry would move from saving teeth to saving lives in a short period?
Diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Disorders is a complex subject with already huge volumes of literature and research. However, the problem lies in the “gold standard” of treatment, which involves blowing air up the nose or advancing the mandible into a dysfunctional static position.
Dr Chris Farrell started a professional journey in 1989 with Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) when he stated ALL malocclusions are caused by incorrect breathing and incorrect muscular habits. Practically nobody agreed, but he endeavoured to develop appliances that would prove globally successful with the very profession that saw no use for prefabricated orthodontic appliances which had the capability to change muscular function.
Dr Farrell feels we have got it all wrong in the treatment of OSA, in the same way he questioned Orthodontics decades ago.
This presentation will show why the current accepted treatments potentially cause damage to the patient and why we must urgently look for preventive measures in children to have a hope of tackling this problem. Fortunately, the presenter has been practicing this treatment modality for more than 25 years so there is no conjecture. 
For the general dentist, this will become a day-to-day treatment method with endless referral from the medical profession.
Futuristic or realistic. Only time will tell.

Dr. Chris Farrell BDS Sydney - Through clinical experience, Dr Farrell took an interest in TMJ / TMD Disorder and after further research discovered the etiology of malocclusion and TMJ Disorder was myofunctional, which contradicted the established views of his profession.  Dr Farrell founded MRC in 1989 to develop myofunctional appliances to be effective in early orthodontic treatment.  The Trainer and Myobrace® appliance systems are now used by dentists and orthodontists in more than 100 countries.

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