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MRC 1 Day Course - Introduction to Myofunctional Orthodontics - Coimbatore, India

Wed, November 22 2017, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

MRC 1 Day Course - Key Focus: An Introduction to Myofunctional Orthodontics

Come join MRC for our mini-training course! You will learn how myofunctional appliances can be used to treat soft tissue dysfunction and receive advice regarding how myofunctional orthodontics can offer your practise a profitable alternative to traditional orthodontic techniques, Course attendees will also be presentedwith information regarding a wide range of MRC's appliances, identifying soft tissue dysfunction, implementing MRC's Parent/Patient Consultation, Myobrace Activities, patient management and a hands on introduction to the Bent Wire System (BWS).

Our MRC presenters offer doctors and their staff a practical and modern approach to disgnosing poor myofunctional habits and treating the underlying causes of mallocusion.


Dr. Rohan Wijey B Oral H (Dent Sci), Grad. Dip. Dent O.M. -   Dr. Rohan Wijey is the Clinical Director and Senior Lecturer of Myofunctional Research Co (MRC) and CEO of the Myobrace® Pre-Orthodontic Centers. His myofunctional orthodontics journey began with MRC in 2007 under Dr. Chris Farrell's tutelage, and he has since lectured across 5 continents and has had numerous articles published in orthodontic and paediatric journals around the world. During his time at MRC, he has seen the worldwide acceptance of myofunctional orthodontics grow rapidly.  Dr. Wijey has also trained as a myofunctional therapist with the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) in Colorado, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite his heavy lecturing schedule, he remains very much involved in clinical practice, dividing his time between Myobrace® and myOSA® centres owned and operated by MRC in Australia.

Dr. Shifa Arshad BDS, MDS, MCP(Australia) - Dr. Shifa is the chief Pediatric dentist at WE Little and India's leading Myobrace provider. She started the practice of myofunctional orthodontics with Myobrace since 2009, after her training under Dr. Chris Farrel and Dr. Rohan Wijey. Her practice is the most successful MCP clinic in India with a systematic and state of the art approach in diagnostic, treatment and follows up of malocclusion. Dr. Shifa is active in creating social awareness and education on the causes of malocclusion. With over 12 years of exclusive practice in Preventive Pediatric dentistry, her driven apprroach to guide the child from infancy through adolescence to have a cavity and braces free life shows her dedication towards a preventive approach.




WE Little, 218, Brindaban, TV samy road (East), R.S Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002, India (Myobrace Certified Provider)

Fully Catered


RS. 30,000/-

Dr. Surya

+91 8940450172

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