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Upcoming Training Courses

MRC Dubai Summit 2019

9:00 AM Wed, October 30, 2019 - 5:00 PM Sat, November 02, 2019

MRC’s International Summit 2019 is an excellent opportunity for Myobrace Members, Certified Providers and other professionals to network with like-minded industry professionals and discover the latest developments in sleep dentistry and Myofunctional orthodontic techniques, using MRC’s appliance systems. With a high prevalence of sleep disordered breathing problems in modern children and adults, opportunities now exist for practitioners to broaden their scope of treatment by offering avenues to practice sleep dentistry.


During the FOUR-day summit you will learn:

  • How MRC combines treatment of airway dysfunction, TMJ issues and malocclusion;
  • The role of orthodontics in paediatric sleep disordered breathing;
  • Relationship of tethered oral tissues to poor myofunctional habits and sleep disordered breathing;
  • About the causes of TMJ disorder and airway dysfunction;
  • How to diagnose and treat airway dysfunction, TMJ disorder and malocclusion;
  • The implementation of MRC’s protocols for efficient, effective and profitable treatment;
  • How to ensure good record taking for MRC treatment protocols;
  • Myofunctional Orthodontic arch expansion techniques;
  • About the company’s most recent advancements in appliance technologies and patient education programs;
  • Advanced techniques in Myofunctional Orthodontics;


Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Sydney) - Dr Farrell graduated from Sydney University in 1971 having gained a comprehensive knowledge of traditional orthodontics using the BEGG technique. Through clinical experience Dr Farrell took an interest in TMJ/TMD disorder and following further research he discovered the etiology of malocclusion and TMJ disorder was myofunctional which contradicted the established views of his profession. He founded Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) in 1989 to develop myofunctional appliances that would prove effective in early orthodontic treatment.

Dr German Ramirez-Yañez - DDS, MDSc, MS, PhD, FRCDC
Dr. German Ramirez is a dentist from Colombia (South America) with more than 20 years of experience in guiding craniofacial growth and development. He is a specialist in Paediatric Dentistry (Mexico) and Functional Maxillofacial Orthopedics (Mexico & Brazil), as well as trained in Orthodontics (Mexico). Dr. Ramirez has a Master in Oral Biology and a PhD in Dental Sciences (Australia). He has published more than 20 articles about early orthodontic treatment and about craniofacial biology in peer review international journals such as the European Journal of Orthodontics, World Journal of Orthodontics, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, International Journal of Jaw Function, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Bone and Archives of Oral Biology. Dr. Ramirez is the scientific advisor of Myofunctional Research Co. in Australia and of Osteopharm Inc. in Canada. His research interest is in craniofacial growth and development, the patho-physiology of functional disorders in the cranio-cervico-mandibular system and how the craniofacial structures are modified by functional appliances.

Dr Fadi Antar - DMD, CAGS - Dr Fadi graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Boston University in 1990. Since graduation, he has been practicing pediatric dentistry and preventive pediatric orthodontics for more than 24 years. Dr Fadi also worked a lecturer and clinical instructor at the Lebanese University, School of Dentistry and Department of Pediatric Dentistry. With more than six years experience in practicing myofunctional orthodontics, Dr Fadi is a Myobrace® Certified Provider and owns the first MRC clinic and training centre in the Middle East. He serves as the authorised MRC lecturer in the Middle Eastern region.

Dr Madeeha Khan B Oral H (Dent.Sci), Grad.Dip Dent. (Griffith) - Dr Khan has been working at the Myobrace Pre-Orthodontic Centre since 2016. She is passionate about improving the overall health of children and has a strong desire to engage in The Myobrace System, which stems from her belief that early intervention can change the course of paediatric health. Dr Khan is responsible for providing treatment support, education and advice to Myobrace Members and practitioners in Australia and internationally.

Jessica Maidman, Senior Myobrace Educator - Miss Maidman has been in the dental industry since 2006 and joined Myofunctional Research Co. in 2012. Her passion for improving the health of all children, combined with her lively enthusiastic personality and years of experience in paediatric dentistry, make her a wonderful addition to the MRC team. After working in Myobrace Pre-Orthodontic Centre for the past five years, Jessica is now the Senior Educator for Myobrace, offering support, education and training to Myobrace Members and assisting practitioners to implement The Myobrace System in their practice. Jessica is also a part of the MRC lecturing team and is passionate about sharing the Myobrace philosophy around the world.


Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, Dubai
Seikh Zayed Road, al Barsha 1 Mall of the Emirates Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Fully Catered
Doctors pricing: $1500.00.
Auxiliary pricing: $750.00. 

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