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MRC USA 2 Day Training - TMJ Evaluation & Laser Treatment - Clifton, New Jersey

9:00 AM Fri, July 17, 2020 - 5:00 PM Sat, July 18, 2020

• Evaluate the orthodontic patient for the causative factors.
• Evaluation of the growing child for Growth and Breathing disordered problems.
• Myosa® for Kids: The new protocol to Prevent and Treat Breathing Disorders in Children.
• Paediatric Sleep Dentistry, Myosa® for Kids – published research shows its effectiveness.
• Myofunctional Arch development with the Farrell Bent Wire System (BWS) and Biobloc.
• Understanding TMJ disorder and how to provide immediate pain relief for many patients.
• New diagnostic procedures for TMJBDS®: – Breathing, Joint, Muscle and CBCT evaluation.
• Newly developed Myosa® treatment protocols to be released in 2019.
• Patient education for myofunctional orthodontics and TMJBDS®.
• Treating the causes, not just the symptoms



Dr Chris Farrell BDS (Sydney) - Dr Farrell graduated from Sydney University in 1971 having gained a comprehensive knowledge of traditional orthodontics using the BEGG technique. Through clinical experience Dr Farrell took an interest in TMJ/TMD disorder and following further research he discovered the etiology of malocclusion and TMJ disorder was myofunctional which contradicted the established views of his profession. He founded Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) in 1989 to develop myofunctional appliances that would prove effective in early orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Barry Raphael - Dr. Raphael is an orthodontist and founder of the Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics in Clifton, New Jersey.  His focus on "Big Picture" Orthodontics started with his introduction to Chris Farrell and the Myobrace System in 2008.  Now, Dr. Raphael practices a wide range of integrative techniques designed to help children grow in the best possible way and to help adults find wellness and not just symptomatic relief.  He teaches these concepts at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, at the Raphael Center for Integrative Education, nationally and internationally.  Dr. Raphael is working closely with the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists to move the practice of dentistry forward in the 21st Century.  




VENUE: East Coast International Training Center

LOCATION: 1425 Broad Street, Clifton, New Jersey 07013

CATERING: Fully catered

COST: $1850


MRC USA HQ 9267 Charles Smith Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730, USA

Toll Free: 1 866 550 4696

Ph: 1 909 587 4940

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MRC USA - Training Facility
9267 Charles Smith Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga
CA 91730, USA
Toll Free: 1 866 550 4696
Ph: 1 909 587 4940