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Myobrace Certified Provider™ Program

What is the Myobrace Certified Provider Program?
Do you already have an understanding of soft tissue dysfunction, myofunctional orthodontics and the importance of patient and staff education but you're wondering what your next step is? The Myobrace Certified Provider Program has been developed for dentists and orthodontists who are looking for a streamlined process for introducing myofunctional orthodontics into their practice. The programʼs network is comprised of dentists and orthodontists from around the world who are united in the common desire to provide comprehensive, highquality myofunctional orthodontic care to their patients. Myobrace Certified Providers are given access to MRCʼs own clinically developed educational and marketing tools.

Why become a Myobrace Certified Provider?
Here are just some of the potential benefits of becoming a Myobrace Certified Provider:

•  Treat a wider range of patients.
•  Increase patient flow in your practice.
•  Treatment can be delegated to trained auxiliaries.
•  Often less chair-side time is required per patient when compared to traditional orthodontic methods.
•  Financial benefits can be achieved for both you and the patient.

The global demand for orthodontics without braces continues to grow and is an option that many parents and patients would prefer. Myobrace® was developed to meet this demand. ʻMyobrace®ʼ the brand is marketed through print, broadcast and online mediums directly to the general public as a ʻno braces approachʼ to orthodontic treatment throughout the world. This can also deliver benefits to the professional by allowing them to be Myobrace Certified Providers and part of a global network.

As a certified provider members will gain access to extensive educational materials, case support and training, along with the latest marketing materials. Another advantage of certification is that certified practitioners can also be listed on the ʻFind your practitionerʼ feature on This is an international multilingual website for the general public that provides extensive information and research on Myobrace® treatment.

Who can become a Myobrace Certified Provider™?

Any approved licensed dentist or orthodontist can potentially become a member of the Myobrace Certified Provider (MCP) Program.

There are four categories of certification available. Once an applicant has met the entry-level requirements they become eligible for certification as members of the Myobrace Certified Provider Program at the base level.  By meeting additional qualification requirements base level members become eligible to access the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum (invitation only) certification levels.

The certification status a doctor can potentially achieve is dependent on practice space available for dedicated Myobrace® treatment and the doctor’s previous myofunctional pre-orthodontic experience as well as staff training and experience.  Practitioners are not charged any additional fee to upgrade nor is there any pressure to advance to additional provider levels, higher certification is a title given to a practitioner for successful implementation of the MCP Program as well as advanced training and experience. All providers receive the same support, regardless of certification level.

The additional MCP Program certification levels can be summarised as follows:

Bronze - To qualify as a Bronze level MCP, a practitioner must have undergone the relevant training required to provide effective Myobrace® treatment for their patients.  They must also have a small space allocated for patient consultation as well as patient education utilizing the Myobrace Activities™ and will typically incorporate Myobrace® into 10 percent of their daily treatment

Silver - To qualify as a Silver level MCP, a practitioner must have engaged in all the relevant training required to offer Myobrace® treatment.  The practitioner must also have demonstrated experience treating a range of cases using various appliances from the Myobrace® range.  In order to achieve an increased patient flow, efficiency and higher practice profitability a Silver level practice must incorporate a private consultation room, a record taking room and a larger dedicated Myobrace Activities™ centre.  At the Silver level doctors should be actively treating at least 50 cases per year with The Myobrace System™.

Gold - To qualify as a Gold level MCP, a practitioner must have undertaken extensive Myobrace® training and be able to demonstrate comprehensive experience treating patients using The Myobrace System™.  The design of a practice at the Gold level will incorporate MRC’s wall graphics as well as recommended furnishings and the treatment methods and educational material incorporated must be geared entirely towards treating patients using myofunctional orthodontics.  Typically Gold level providers will prescribe Myobrace® treatment for at least 80 cases per year and will incorporate Myobrace® appliances throughout the patient’s entire treatment.

Platinum - Practitioners are only able to qualify as a Platinum level MCP by invitation from MRC.  At this level a practitioner must regularly undertake advanced Myobrace® training, demonstrate comprehensive experience treating patients with Myobrace® and be able to regularly achieve optimal results while treating all their orthodontic cases using The Myobrace System™.  Providers at the Platinum level gain access to educational resources and practice design characteristics exclusive to the Platinum level.

How do I become a Myobrace Certified Provider?

Step 1.

The first step to becoming a Myobrace Certified Provider is by simply requesting an information pack from a Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) representative. The information pack will outline the eligibility, levels, inclusions and terms of the certification.

Step 2.

There are multiple levels of certification to suit a range of practices and budgets. Also inside the information pack is also an application form for you to fill out and return to your MRC representative.

Step 3.

Once MRC receives and processes your application form, you will be contacted in regards to the next steps you need to take to become a Myobrace Certified Provider


MRC provides regular training on myofunctional orthodontics and how to use MRCʼs appliances in your practice. For more information on Myobrace® Certification, or to get in touch with your nearest MRC representative.