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Each week we’ll post up a new ‘Tip of the Week’ with practical advice from some of the most experienced myofunctional practitioners in the world.

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You can improve patient compliance by adding Myobrace® usage into the patient's daily routine...

Training Materials

Introduction to Myofunctional Orthodontics
MRC Corporate

This video offers a brief insight into MRC‘s modern approach to orthodontic treatment.

MRC Clinics Documentary

See how myofunctional orthodontics works through the eyes of the patient. The video is used to inform parents and patients about their myofunctional orthodontic treatment options.

Myofunctional Orthodontics - mini lecture series

This mini lecture series explains the fundamental principles of myofunctional orthodontics. It covers everything from MRC’s appliances, diagnosis and treatment planning, along with improved practice management systems.

Clinic Tour

Dr Chris Farrell takes you on a guided tour through MRC’s flagship myofunctional orthodontic clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia. The clinic also hosts international training seminars for doctors worldwide.

MRC Appliances
The Trainer System™

This video explains how The Trainer System™ works and the appliances within the system. It also details the appliance design characteristics along with their applications.

Myobrace® - Appliance Range

This video playlist consists of the appliances within The Myobrace System™. The videos briefly detail the design features and unique characteristics along with their applications.

The TMJ System™

The TMJ System™ is comprised of a series of soft intra-oral appliances specifically designed to assist in the diagnosis and symptom relief of TMJ disorder. This video explains how The TMJ System works.

BWS Fabrication & Procedure

This video playlist provides detailed information on the Farrell BENT WIRE System™ (BWS™) including, fabrication, modification along with when and how to use it.

Further Doctor and Staff Training
MRC Lecture - An orthodontist’s perspective

Dr Barry Raphael, an orthodontist for over 27-years talks about his experience in transitioning to myofunctional orthodontic treatment methods.

MRC Lecture Scientific Research

Learn all about the scientific research behind myofunctional orthodontics, presented by Dr German Ramirez.

This month's featured video
MRC Corporate

This video offers a brief insight into MRC‘s modern approach to orthodontic treatment.

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