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Catering to public demand with myofunctional pre-orthodontics

18 July, 2014

INCREASINGLY parents are forcing the agenda and generating momentum towards non-traditional orthodontic treatment options.
Rather than consent to the knowledge their children’s teeth may be damaged during a course of traditional treatment and most likely relapse afterwards, parents are seeking out less invasive as well as earlier preventive options.
Three in four 21st century children have a malocclusion caused by poor myofunctional habits and incorrectly developing jaws.
This incorrect or inhibited development is easily identifiable in children as young as three to five years but professional advice usually recommends delaying treatment until the child is approximately 12.
Unfortunately, in most practices early orthodontic options have never found favour after being dismissed as less efficient than traditional treatment methods and the opportunity for pre-orthodontic preventive treatment is most often missed.  
However, once the myofunctional causes of malocclusion and incorrect facial growth have been recognised, early preventive options offer exceptional prospects for natural development and stable results without invasive treatments.
The Myobrace System™ caters to the escalating public insistence on non-invasive, earlier and more stable treatments by addressing the causes inhibiting a child’s natural facial development as soon as they become evident.
Rather than rely on extractions to create extra space for the teeth, braces to force teeth into alignment or surgery to re-shape the jaws, Myobrace® treatment involves wearing a series of removable appliances, worn for an hour each day and while sleeping, in conjunction with completing a range of Myobrace Activities™ best described as physiotherapy for the growing face.
This early, preventive treatment means while many of their peers will be just starting to undergo traditional orthodontics, with questionable long-term benefits, Myobrace® children will have undergone a pre-orthodontic option designed to unlock genetic growth potential and straighten teeth naturally.
The Myobrace System™ offers a new and fresh approach to addressing the public demand for modern pre-orthodontic treatment options and by becoming part of the Myobrace Certified Provider™ program dental professionals can take a more natural approach to straightening teeth.
The Myobrace Certified Provider™ program was initiated to help enable practitioners to confidently offer myofunctional pre-orthodontic treatment options.
The program equips members to treat a wide variety of patients while cutting down on chair side time but still generating financial benefit for both practitioner and patient.

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