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Each week we’ll post up a new ‘Tip of the Week’ with practical advice from some of the most experienced myofunctional practitioners in the world.

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You can improve patient compliance by adding Myobrace® usage into the patient's daily routine...

Tip of the week

Tip 10

01 October, 2014

A good way of improving patient compliance is encouraging the patient to incorporate the use of the Myobrace® appliance into their daily routine with an activity such as using a computer, reading a book or watching tv.

Another good way of improving compliance is to introduce the Myobrace® appliance with the activity booklet. You'll find the very last pages are the activity report sheets. In these pages, the patient should be instructed to fill in their daily usage of the Myobrace® as well as keeping track of how often they practice each activity.

The practitioner should check at each visit, how the patient is growing and progressing with their activity report sheet. If compliance is still an issue, you should work with the parent at establishing a reward system. Encouraging the patient to fill in the booklet and if they have complied they can gain a reward.

I'm Ingrid and this my tip of the week.

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