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Tip of the week

Each week we’ll post up a new ‘Tip of the Week’ with practical advice from some of the most experienced myofunctional practitioners in the world.

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Tip of the week

Tip 8

18 February, 2014

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk to you about some troubleshooting with the Bent Wire System. The Bent Wire System is a really great tool for expanding the upper arch especially, although it can be used for the lower arch, in combination with the myobrace, usually the K1 appliance.

There are a few things that can happen using the Bent Wire System that you need to be prepared for. I'm going to talk to you about these things in my next few tips of the week.

So the first one is the farrell band which goes on the 6. That band has a tube on it which the Bent Wire System inserts into and what can happen with the back of that tube on the distal end is that quite often it can be a little bit sharp, particularly when the Bent Wire System is not inserted into the tube. It can be quite sharp on the back and the child's tongue can get irritated sometimes.

Normally it's not a problem but if it does become a problem a simple thing you can do is take a normal diamond burr, a rounded burr I find quite easy, and basically just round off the ends where it can be quite sharp. This can be done inside the mouth very carefully.

Usually when you put the wire back in, the mesial end becomes ok but the tongue can still feel the distal end.

Sometimes the wire of the Bent Wire System can actually stick out the end of the tube and if that's the case take the wire out of the mouth and then using wire cutters, just snip off the ends so there's no wire protruding out of the end.

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