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Tip of the week

Each week we’ll post up a new ‘Tip of the Week’ with practical advice from some of the most experienced myofunctional practitioners in the world.

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Tip of the week

Tip 9

09 May, 2014

Hi everyone, I'm going to continue on the Bent Wire System in this Tip of The Week and some additional  troubleshooting that can be done with it.

One of the contraindications for the BWS is having a low crown height on the sixes meaning the distal end of the 6 doesn't protrude through the gum very much and when that happens it makes putting the bands on quite difficult. Sometimes we might consider using a different expansion appliance like a Biobloc in that case.

However, there are some times when the BWS is a superior appliance, particularly when you want to get the myofunction under control at the same time as expansion by using something like a K1 Myobrace.

You do want to get that BWS in there and one thing you can do is to simply make an adjustment to the Farrell band. You can see here that the Farrell band has been slightly reduced, it's been filed down on the distal side. The mesial side is usually ok but I've taken a diamond burr and just made the band thinner at the distal end so it actually doesn't do a gingivectomy when you actually put the band in place over the six.

It can be great to get the BWS in and sometimes it's nice to not be limited by the low crown height.

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