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Tip of the week

Each week we’ll post up a new ‘Tip of the Week’ with practical advice from some of the most experienced myofunctional practitioners in the world.

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You can improve patient compliance by adding Myobrace® usage into the patient's daily routine...

TIPs OF THE WEEK from November, 2012

Tip 5

15 November, 2012

This week's tip addresses a reoccurring question amongst users of MRC's appliances. When is the Myobrace® system sufficient for treatment, and when do you need to consider additional expansion appliances?

The benchmark age for considering expansion appliances is about eight years of age. Before this age, the Myobrace® is usually sufficient to encourage the tongue to sit up in the palate and promote expansion of the maxilla. Beyond this age however, the maxillary arch form is often too narrow for the tongue to comfortably fit up in the palate. Therefore age combined with a narrow maxillary arch form are the key indications for expansion.

There are two types of expansion typically used...


Tip 4

08 November, 2012

Across the whole range of appliances, there's normally a soft and a hard version. In the case of the myobrace system appliances there's typically an even harder version.

As a rule of thumb: the patient will have better retention at night, the softer the appliance is. This means the appliance stays in the mouth better overnight and it is also more comfortable.
However the harder the appliance is, the more effective it is at negating the patient's soft tissue disfunction as well as retaining the soft tissues away from the teeth and jaws. A harder appliance is generally a more effective appliance.

When do you progress through the range?...