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Gompenstraat 21c 5145 RM, 5140 AS Waalwijk
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Toll Free Number: 00 800 6962 7223
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ООО «Миобрэйс» 115114, Москва, ул. Летниковская, 5.

Phone: +7 495 748 10 37
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You can improve patient compliance by adding Myobrace® usage into the patient's daily routine...


Dr. Barry Raphael, DMD


As a specialist in orthodontics, I had to come to understand that soft tissue dysfunction is an etiology in MOST malocclusions. Then I had to learn to READ the dysfunctions and understand why the maxilla and the occlusion deformed in the ways it does.  Finally, I had to find  a modality for DEALING with functional habits that orthodontics typically fails to address.  
The Myobrace System does all that for me. I often supplement the system with other tooth-moving or bone-stimulating modalities and I will boost the system's effectiveness using remedial Myofunctional therapy and other interdisciplinary practices when the "body" calls for more attention but Myobrace, along with a properly trained and motivated staff, is an easy to implement adjunct and should be a core competency of every Orthodontic and Pediatric practice.

Barry Raphael, DMD
Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics
Clifton, NJ

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