Introduction to Myofunctional Orthodontics

Fri, October 20 2023 - Sat, October 21 2023
Gold Coast, Australia

The Myobrace® System: Module 1


Participants will be introduced to MRC’s range of products and services. They will learn to use the MOE to evaluate their patients as well as how to select the appropriate myofunctional appliances and adjunctive activities to maximise treatment. 

Our curated staff will guide you in transitioning your practice and integrating the system to ensure your patients are diagnosed early, treated effectively, and have a stable, healthier future after completing the program.

$1400 AUD

Key Presenters

Dr Madeeha Khan
BOralH GDipDent

Dr Madeeha Khan completed her studies in dentistry at Griffith University in 2016, achieving Awards for Academic Excellence over three consecutive years. She has been working at the Myobrace® Pre-Orthodontic Center since completing her studies and is passionate about improving the overall health of children.

Dr Emad Ahangari
BOralH GDipDent

Dr Ahangari completed his studies in dentistry at Griffith University, the Gold Coast, in 2014. Following graduation, he worked with The Myobrace® System, then left to work in Canada for nearly two years before returning to Australia to work for MRC. He has received full time direct mentorship from two of the biggest global authorities on myofunctional orthodontics, Dr John Flutter and Dr Chris Farrell. Dr Ahangari excels in communication, has a passion for teaching and looks forward to contributing his skills to revolutionising the way professionals and the public view breathing and myofunctional health issues.

Jessica Maidman
Senior Myobrace Educator

Jessica Maidman is the senior educator for Myobrace®, offering support, education and training to Myobrace® members and assisting practitioners to implement The Myobrace® System. Jessica is also apart of the MRC lecturing team and is passionate about sharing the Myobrace® treatment philosophy.

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