MRC European Summit

Wed, November 2 2022 - Sat, November 5 2022
MRC International Training Facility, The Netherlands

MRC European Summit

A complete four-day training program for dental professionals.

COMBINING TMJ, SDB & MYOFUNCTIONAL ORTHODONTICS: For more than 30 years, Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has recognised breathing disorders as the major cause of malocclusion, poor jaw growth and TMJ Disorder (TMD). By effectively changing the way orthodontics for children is performed, the Myobrace® myofunctional orthodontic system fundamentally delivers airway and habit correction to resolve orthodontic problems.


  • Practical aspects of the implementation of myofunctional treatment in your practice;
  • Understanding the development of occlusion and function;
  • Diagnosis of soft tissue dysfunction, sleep-breathing disorders, tongue tie and malocclusion;
  • An extensive presentation of treatment possibilities with MRC’s treatment systems: Myobrace®, Myosa® and TMJBDS®;
  • Effectively educate parents and patients to achieve consistent results;
  • Myofunctional orthodontics - treating the causes rather than the symptoms of malocclusion;
  • Evaluation and discussion of cases.



Key Presenters

Dr Chris Farrell

Dr Chris Farrell graduated from Sydney University in 1971 having gained a comprehensive knowledge of traditional orthodontics using the BEGG technique. Through clinical experience, Dr Farrell took an interest in TMJ/TMD disorder and, following further research, he discovered the aetiology of malocclusion and TMJ disorder was myofunctional, contradicting the established views of his profession. Dr Farrell founded Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) in 1989 to develop myofunctional appliances that would prove effective in early orthodontic treatment. His Trainer and Myobrace® appliance systems are now used by orthodontists and dentists in more than 100 countries around the world.

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, completing his clinical training in Russia. Since 2002, he has taught functional breathing to help children and adults with insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea. Patrick’s article, 'Breathing Re-Education and Phenotypes of Sleep Apnea: A Review', co-authored with Drs. Carlos O'Connor-Reina and Guillermo Plaza, is published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

'The Breathing Cure' (2021), Patrick’s newest book, is a deep dive into the science of breathing.  It explores functional breathing for a wide range of health conditions, and breathing exercises suitable for adults, children and teens.

Dr John Flutter
BDS London

Dr Flutter qualified as a dentist at Kings College Hospital Dental School at the University of London in December 1971 and practiced dentistry in the UK until moving to Australia in 1977. Dr Flutter has been practising orthodontic treatment for 44 years and become familiar with all techniques involved, with particular interest in the benefits of integrating a Biobloc with emphasis on establishing nasal breathing for improvement of growth, health, facial development and orthodontic stability over orthodontic excellence alone.

Dr Flutter has been adopting MRC's systems into his clinics since October 2009 and is a certified breathing practitioner and Buteyko breathing practitioner who has lectured extensively on 'Myofunctional Influences on Facial Growth and Dentition' in 67 countries over the last 22 years.

Kelly De Miro

Ms Kelly Baker began her career as a chairside dental assistant in high school and went on to become a registered dental hygienist. She furthered her education in the dental field by learning more about clinical applications of techniques and obtaining her local anaesthesia permit in 2008. She attended an IAOM course to become a myofunctional therapist in October of that same year. After spending 22 years practicing as a RDH and OMT, she took up a role as the lead US educator with MRC where she has been able to express her passion of belief in myofunctional therapy.

Dr Imran Rangzeb

Dr Imran Rangzeb is the clinical lead, and principal dentist at Town Hall Dental. To him, providing a patient with anything less than the very best dental care is not an option. It is Dr Rangzeb’s aim and ambition to approach dentistry from the perspective of innovation, always looking for cutting edge technologies to enhance his treatment capabilities and, thus, he is continually setting the standard higher for what Town Hall Dental can achieve in dentistry.

Dr Vincenzo Giorgino
Qualified Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Giorgino Vincenzo has been using Myobrace® since 2011 and started speaking at scientific conferences on Myobrace® treatment of specific cases in 2014. Since then he has continued to study Myobrace® treatment protocol, integrating it with his knowledge of bioprogressive orthodontics, gnathology, treatment of sleep disorders and myofunctional therapy. As an orthodontist, he exclusively performs myofunctional, lingual and bracket-less orthodontics. As the first Myobrace® provider in Italy, he is the referral specialist of the Myobrace® Study Groups in Italy and is also a SIDO and DDS member.

Dr Jean-François Ollu
Qualified Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Jean-François Ollu graduated as a dental surgeon in 1984 and as a specialist in orthodontics in 1989 from the University of Nantes, France. Dr Jean-François Ollu has been a specialist in orthodontics in Le Mans for 37 years and is the founder of Ortho Myofunctional Consulting and is a regular speaker on the integration of myofunctional orthodontics in orthodontic practices in France and abroad.

Dr Saskia Wolf
M.Sc. Orthodontics

After studying dentistry at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, she completed her postgraduate studies in orthodontics at the Danube University in Krems in 2009. In addition to her practice, she works as a speaker for Myobrace® and trains interested colleagues and their teams in the myofunctional therapy concept of Myobrace®.

Peter Helderop
Speech Therapist

Peter Helderop graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, The Netherlands, and opened his first practice in Vlaardingen in 1989. Peter gained several postgraduate qualifications in orofacial myofunctional, voice, stuttering, speech and language therapy both in The Netherlands and other countries. He has served on many working groups and committees for the Dutch Association for speech therapists and Phoniatrics (NVLF) and has also been a member of the Myofunctional Therapy Working Group in Germany. He contributed to the development of the Dutch Dental Association (NMT) paediatric dentistry guidelines and is also a (guest) lecturer on the Paediatric Dentistry course taught at the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA) and the Continuing Education Program in Comprehensive Dentistry (CEPCD) in Oisterwijk. Peter has been teaching continuing education courses on speech therapy and dentistry orofacial myofunctional therapy for over 28 years.

Dr Soraia Oliveira
Qualified Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Soraia Oliveira graduated dental medicine in Porto, Portugal, in 2009. She specialized in clinical orthodontics in 2013 and has since dedicated herself exclusively to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. She passionately continued her postgraduate training in pediatric dentistry and became Invisalign invisible orthodontics certified in 2017. She currently holds the Diamond category, reflecting her high level of experience in the technique. Believing in the establishment of nasal breathing in order to improve the growth and development of children, she combines the various orthodontic techniques (MBT, self-ligating and aligners) with The Myobrace® System. Dr Soraia Oliveira was the first Myobrace® provider and speaker in Portugal.

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