Two-Day Advanced Myofunctional Orthodontics Course

Fri, July 7 2023 - Sat, July 8 2023
London, UK

Two-Day Advanced Myofunctional Orthodontics Course


Dr John Flutter will teach you the myofunctional evaluation system to identify breathing and myofunctional problems limiting facial growth and causing malocclusion, TMJ and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD), as well as provide you with the ability to treat these problems using MRC's treatment systems.


  • Practical aspects of the implementation of myofunctional treatment in your practice;
  • Identifying the underlying causes of malocclusion, TMJ and SRBDs with evaluation and diagnosis;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of SRBDs in children and adults;
  • Extensive presentation of treatment possibilities with MRC’s treatment systems (Myobrace®, Myosa®, Myosa® for TMJBDS® and Myotalea®);
  • Effectively educate parents and patients to achieve consistent results;
  • Myofunctional orthodontics: Treating the causes rather than the symptoms of malocclusion with evaluation and discussion of cases;
  • TMJ workshop, treatment planning and case discussion.


€499  €399*

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Key Presenters

Dr John Flutter
BDS London

Dr Flutter has practised general dentistry as well as orthodontics for nearly 40 years and now works exclusively in dentofacial othopaedic and orthodontic treatment for adults and children. For more than a decade, Dr Flutter has been involved with MRCand has presented lectures on myofunctional influences and facial growth in numerous countries.

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