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Electromyographic Muscular Activity Improvement in Class 2 Patients Treated with the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Published by: The Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

The efficiency of the functional appliances on craniofacial growth modification is still under controversy. Some reports suggest that functional appliances can stimulate mandibular growth, While others dent such effect.

malocclusion, pre-orthodontic, Class II, Electromyographic Muscular

Myobrace System™ - Professional Product Catalogue

Published by: Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC)

This catalogue contains all of the Myobrace System™ appliances. It also contains information on how to get started using our appliances, and how to become a Myobrace Certified Provider

myobrace, myobrace system, arch development, adults, brochure, myobrace for adults, myobrace for juniors, myobrace for kids, myobrace for teens, product guide

Influence of Pre-Orthodontic Trainer treatment on the perioral and masticatory muscles in patients with Class II division 1 malocclusion

Published by: European Journal of Orthodontics

The aim of this follow-up study was to evaluate the effects of Pre-Orthodontic Trainer (POT) appliance on the anterior temporal, mental, orbicularis oris, and masseter muscles through electromyography (EMG) evaluations in subjects with Class II division 1 malocclusion and incompetent lips.

Authors: Tancan Uysal, Ahmet Yagci, Sadik Kara and Sukru Okkesim

malocclusion, perioral and masticatory muscles, class II division 1, pre-orthodontic

Application of functional orthodontic appliances to treatment of “mandibular retrusion syndrome"

Published by: Japanese Journal of Clinical Dentistry for Children

There have recently been an increasing number of parents complaining of their children’s health-related problems other than caries, such as decline in exercise ability, open-mouth posture, slow eating, allergy and misaligned teeth. Indeed, studies have shown increases in the number of children with difficulty masticating hard chewy food or inability to swallow correctly.

Authors: Akira Kanao, Masanori Mashiko and Kosho Kanao

mandibular retrusion syndrome, maxillary protrusion, functional orthodontic appliances, misaligned teeth

The Effects of Early Preorthodontic Trainer Treatment on Class II, Division 1 Patients

Published by: Angle Orthodontist

The aim of this study was to clarify the dentoskeletal treatment effects induced by a preorthodontic trainer appliance treatment on Class II, division 1 cases. Twenty patients (10 girls and 10 boys, mean age 9.6 6 1.3 years) with a Class II, division 1 malocclusion were treated with preorthodontic trainer appliances (Myofunctional Research Co., Queensland, Australia).

Authors: Serdar Usumez, Tancan Uysal, Zafer Sari, Faruk Ayhan Basciftci,  Ali Ihya Karaman and Enis Guray

malocclusion, class II division 1, pre-orthodontic trainer, dentoskeletal treatment