Can Active Treatment Improve a Patient's Sleep?

Can 'active' treatment improve a patient's sleep?

Myofunctional Research Company (MRC) today introduced its latest treatment system at IDS 2019.

MRC is proud to present its new Myotalea myofunctional sleep appliance treatment modality to IDS attendees for the first time. The system is designed for patients who present poor muscle tone of the tongue, lip, jaw, throat and pharyngeal areas, as well as mouth breathers aiming to transition to nasal breathing.

By transitioning the mode of breathing and actively exercising the throat and facial muscles, which are typically weak in patients who suffer from Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD), the underlying causes of the problem are addressed throughout Myotalea treatment.

MRC CEO and founder, Dr Chris Farrell, believes The Myotalea System is a revolutionary approach in the treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD). “We found that correcting the mode of breathing and strengthening the throat and pharyngeal muscles is an effective method of addressing sleep breathing disorders,” Farrell explained.

“That is why we developed an active myofunctional sleep appliance range to counteract aberrant muscle activity and retrain the breathing habits which can restrict the upper airway," he added.

The Myotalea treatment system consists of the TLJ, TLP, Lip Trainer and Lip Seal Trainer appliances, which are being showcased at MRC’s IDS 2019 booth.