Myobrace® Permanent Dentition Class III

For patients in the permanent dentition with a Class III malocclusion

Myobrace®Permanent Dentition Class III (also referred to as the P-3® series) is a three-stage appliance system used for Class III malocclusion in the permanent dentition. Class III malocclusion is best treated very early (three to eight years) while the patient is still developing with the Interceptive Class III appliance series. However, often the opportunity for early treatment is missed and the Class III malocclusion persists into the permanent dentition. The P-3® series works by pushing the upper front teeth forward and the lower front teeth back with a 3mm offset bite, as well as correcting the habits that caused the Class III in the first place. The appliances are frequently combined with the BWS and Myolay™ arch development techniques.

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