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    Foundation Courses
    • Introduction to MRC's Philosophy

      6 Chapters - 60 mins (CE Eligible)

      This course is your first step to getting started, providing you with an introduction to MRC's treatment philosophy.

      Course Code: MRC0101
    • Introduction to TMJ Disorders

      5 Chapters - 40 mins (CE Eligible)

      This course provides you with a brief introduction to evaluation and treatment of TMJ disorders. On completion of this module you will gain an understanding of the history, underlying causes, and MRC's simple approach to the diagnosis and initial treatment of TMJ disorders.

      Course Code: MRC0401
    • The Myobrace System

      10 Chapters - 2 hrs 10 mins (CE Eligible)

      This course teaches you how to get started treating malocclusion by addressing the underlying breathing and myofunctional disorders using The Myobrace® System.

      Course Code: MB0101
    Myosa for Kids
    • The Myosa for Kids System

      10 Chapters - 2 hrs 10 mins (CE Eligible)

      This course teaches you how to get started treating breathing and myofunctional disorders in children using The Myosa® for Kids System.

      Course Code: MS0101
    Myosa for TMJBDS
    • The Myosa for TMJBDS System

      10 Chapters - 60 mins (CE Eligible)
      Coming Soon

      This course teaches you how to treat TMJ disorders by addressing the underlying breathing and myofunctional issues using The Myosa® for TMJBDS System.

      Course Code: TM0101
    Advanced Courses
    • The Myobrace Activities Program

      21 Chapters - 2 hrs 25 mins (CE Eligible)

      This advanced course provides you with an in-depth analysis of the Myobrace® Activities, including background information, how to deliver them and troubleshooting.

      Course Code: MB0201
    • Introduction to Myofunctional Orthodontics - English

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      This course provides an introductory overview of myofunctional orthodontics, with an inclusive view of The Myobrace® System and how it is used to treat malocclusion, breathing and myofunctional disorders.

    • Introducción a la Ortodoncia Miofuncional - Español

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Este curso proporciona una descripción general introductoria de la ortodoncia miofuncional, con una visión completa del sistema Myobrace® y cómo se usa para tratar la maloclusión y los trastornos de respiración y miofuncionales.

    • Einführung in die myofunktionelle Kieferorthopädie - Deutsche

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Dieser Kurs bietet einen einführenden Überblick über die myofunktionelle Kieferorthopädie mit einem umfassenden Überblick über das Myobrace®-System und dessen Verwendung zur Behandlung von Malokklusion, Atmung und myofunktionellen Störungen.

    • Введение в миофункциональную ортодонтию - русский

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Данный курс – введение в миофункциональную ортодонтию с рассмотрением системы Myobrace® и информацией о том, как использовать аппараты для лечения нарушений прикуса, дыхательных и миофункциональных расстройств.

    • Introduction à l'Orthodontie Myofonctionnelle - Français

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Ce cours apporte une introduction à l'Orthodontie myofonctionnelle, avec une vue d'ensemble du système Myobrace® et de la manière dont il est utilisé pour traiter la malocclusion, la respiration et les troubles myofonctionnels.

    • Introduzione all'Ortodonzia Miofunzionale - Italiano

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Questo corso fornisce una panoramica introduttiva all'ortodonzia miofunzionale, con una visione completa del sistema Myobrace® e di come viene utilizzato per trattare malocclusioni, respirazione e disturbi miofunzionali.

    • Introductie Myofunctionele Orthodontie - Nederlands

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Deze cursus is een introductie van myofunctionele orthodontie, inclusief het Myobrace® systeem en hoe dit systeem ingezet kan worden om malocclusie, adem- én myofunctionele stoornissen te behandelen.

    • Въведение в миофункционалната ортодонтия - русский

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Този курс е въведение в Миофункционалната ортодонтия. Той дава общ поглед върху системата Myobrace® и приложението и при лечение на  малоклузии, дихателни и миофункционални проблеми.

    • Johdanto Myofunktionaaliseen Ortodontiaan - Suomi

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Tämä kurssi on johdanto myofunktionaaliseen oikomishoitoon, sisältäen kattavan perehdytyksen Myobrace®-systeemiin sekä sen käyttöön purentavirheiden, hengityksen sekä myofunktionaalisten häiriöiden hoidossa.

    • Miofunkcinės ortodontijos įvadas - lietuvis

      2 Chapters - 1 hour

      Šiame kurse pateikiama įvadinė daugiafunkcinės ortodontijos apžvalga, įskaitant „The Myobrace®“ sistemą ir tai, kaip ji naudojama gydant netaisyklingą sąkandį, kvėpavimo ir daugiafunkcinius sutrikimus.

    • The Road to Myofunctional Orthodontics: 2020 Webinar Series

      13 Chapters - 20 hours (CE Eligible)

      This webinar series will take you on a journey through myofunctional orthodontics, starting with a history of notable figures, right through to the evaluation and treatment of patients.

      Course Code: MRCW0101

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