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General Questions

Getting started with any of MRC's treatment systems has never been more simple! By following the steps below, practitioners can get started using our systems in little to no time.

  1. Complete our online courses, which will provide you with background information on our systems.
  2. Contact our support department, who are here to help you prepare to treat your first group of patients.
  3. Once you have started using the treatment systems, you can complete the advanced online training and book in-house training to take your skills to the next level.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We have an international network of dealers around the world who supply our appliances to their specific regions. If you contact us expressing your interest in purchasing appliances, we can put you in touch with your local supplier. Please note that depending on your region, certain appliances may not be available for purchase or can only be sold to specific professions. 

Online courses are only available to subscribers of MRC's website. There are free courses available to all levels of subscribers, and paid courses available only to paid subscribers.

To view all courses currently available, visit our Online Courses page. For information on membership packages, please see the Memberships section of the website.

Although our introductory content is mainly online, you still have the option of attending beginner courses around the world, however these are less frequent. Our in-person courses are mainly limited to implementation and hands-on workshops. To see all courses that are conducted in person, please see the In-house Training section of the website.

For clinical questions regarding treatment, appliance use or any other matter, please contact our support department and they will be able to direct you based on your question.

Please note that certain types of support may incur a fee.

Although we can't stop you from purchasing appliances and using them, most of MRC's appliances are used as part of a treatment system and approach.

Without having a firm educational underpinning, you will likely use the appliances incorrectly and be disappointed by the results. Certain appliance systems can be used with little to no training, while others require a proper understanding of the treatment philosophy. Please use your discretion in this regard before purchasing an appliance. 

Practitioners providing fixed orthodontic treatments can purchase the Myobrace®for Braces, which are ready to use out of the box and can be issued to patients to use over the top of braces. These appliances don't require any further training and can be used today, however, we always recommend some training on the background philosophy of the appliances and how they work.

Yes, our Myotalea appliances can be used right out of the box for practitioners providing myofunctional therapy.

These appliances are some of the world's most advanced appliances for active myofunctional training, and can help you take your treatment outcomes to the next level!

These are three different appliance systems or ranges under the one MRC umbrella. They are all prefabricated and used as part of a treatment approach with defined protocols, taught in our online courses. Certain appliances can even be used on their own, without being combined with the treatment approaches.

The Myobrace® System is designed to treat malocclusion by addressing the underlying breathing and myofunctional disorders, and is most effective in growing children.

The Myosa® System is designed to treat the breathing and myofunctional disorders that contribute to TMJ disorders and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD). The design and approach to the appliances varies based on whether the patient is a child or adult.

The Myotalea® range is designed to provide active exercise to improve the strength and tone of the orofacial muscles, which is a critical component of rehabilitating myofunctional disorders. These appliances are suitable for patients of all ages and are usually combined with MRC's treatment systems or can be used by myofunctional therapists on their own.

The determination of which appliance range to use rests on the patients demands, your aims as a practitioner and what type of treatment you're wanting to provide.

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