Application of Functional Orthodontic Appliances to Treatment of 'Mandibular Retrusion Syndrome': Effective Use of the Trainer System™

There have recently been aincreasinnumber of parents complaining of their childrens health-relateproblems other than cariessucadeclinin exercisability, open-mouth posturesloeating, allergy and misaligned teethIndeed, studies have shown increases in thnumber of childrewitdifficultmasticating hard or chewy food or inability to swallow correctlyThe decline in oral functiois attributed to dietary changes among children in the modern Japanese society, includinthe eating of soft foods at home and elsewhere. It has alsbeen shown that the perioral musclein growing childreinfluence body posturerespirationmastication, deglutitionspeech and morphology of the jaws and teeth.