Health Centred Orthodontics: Contemporary Treatment Modalities Proving Globally Popular

Change is inevitable in all industries and the orthodontic profession is no exception. The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) website now recognises “in some cases, early orthodontic treatment to expand the upper jaw and eliminate habits can help improve breathing patterns and reduce sleep apnoea risk”. 

Increased awareness of the health benefits associated with early treatment and the impact airway obstruction as well as neuromuscular dysfunction can have on craniofacial growth is completely revitalising the industry.

This liberal approach is propelling therapeutic treatment modalities to the fore of the profession, while traditional orthodontic parochialism continues to diminish as a result.

Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has experienced a surge in international interest due to its health-centred approach and its unique hands-on seminars and courses.