Most patients leave your practice without the treatment they need

Most patients leave your practice without the treatment they need

Almost all dentists have now heard that malocclusion, TMJ and breathing disorders are linked. Modern research indicates that up to 90% of children will develop malocclusion and many of these patients have an airway disorder. 

It is currently estimated that over 1 billion adults worldwide are suffering from airway disorders, with most going undiagnosed. As a result, global bodies such as The World Dental Federation (FDI) have called on dentists to join the management of these patients. 

Despite being inundated with these calls, what has been missing from the dialogue is a simple, practical and easily implemented solution to deal with these problems. Well, that is until now.

For over 30 years, MRC’s treatment systems have helped practitioners in over 100 countries around the world to treat orthodontic, TMJ and airway issues, as well as the underlying breathing and myofunctional causes. Central to this endeavour has been MRC’s emphasis on quality education using the latest techniques, which has now culminated in the creation of a revolutionary new online learning platform -

This new website packs incredible educational value for all practitioners from beginner, all the way to highly experienced, teaching dental practitioners about these relevant disorders and MRC’s treatment systems like never before.

MRC has a range of myofunctional orthodontic, conventional orthodontic, breathing, TMJ and myofunctional treatment solutions. These solutions are now presented on the homepage to provide practitioners with the opportunity to tailor their learning experience. 

 The hallmark feature of the brand new website is the online course program. These comprehensive courses combine clear and concise information, with state-of-the-art training videos and animations, while each chapter is followed by a set of multiple-choice questions to ensure the user has achieved the desired learning objectives. 

The education is solely focused on helping you understand and implement these valuable treatment systems into your practice in little to no time. A continuing education certificate is issued once you complete all the chapters correctly, which unlocks further courses. You can get started today by creating an account and completing the free foundational course. 

Users of the new website can also take advantage of instant access to the Resources section, which serves as a portal for accessing a library of relevant research, references and educational assets. You can even interact with MRC’s customer service team in real time using the live chat feature.

Practitioners interested in learning more about MRC’s appliances can explore the Appliances section of the website. Each page includes individual videos presented by MRC practitioners, which explain the intended use and mode of action of the appliances. Each of these pages is also accompanied with case studies showcasing the effectiveness of MRC’s treatment systems.

MRC’s new online education platform and treatment systems provide health care practitioners with simple and effective treatment options for the growing incidences of orthodontic, TMJ, breathing and myofunctional disorders, so they can get started helping the large number of patients requiring treatment today. 

Check out MRC’s new website and start your learning journey! Simply visit and create your free account to get started!