Lip Seal Trainer - LST

Improvement of lip strength and lip seal

The LST appliance focuses on strengthening the lips which assists with establishing a habitual lip seal. The LST also attaches to the LT appliance, allowing it to be pulled in various directions for peri-oral muscle training. It can also serve as a standalone appliance to improve lip strength and seal through the use of the lip seal spade or training board feature (depending on desired difficulty). The LT appliance is used with all of MRC's treatment systems but can also be used on its own by practitioners offering myofunctional therapy.

LST Design Features

The design features of the LST are suited to increase lip strength while training the patient to adopt a closed lip posture, which improves lip seal and function.

Directions for Use

The Lip Seal Trainer can be used either alone or in conjunction with use of the Myobrace® or Myosa® appliances.

Combine with five (5) minutes of Lip Trainer™ use, twice daily, or as instructed by your practitioner.

  • Step 1 (while wearing an appliance)

    Place the Lip Seal Trainer between the lips touching the Myobrace® or Myosa® appliance in your mouth, then lightly close the lips enough to hold it in place. Continue this for 10 minutes while wearing your appliance.

    Step 1
  • Step 2 (as a standalone exercise)

    Remove the Myobrace® or Myosa® appliance and use the Lip Seal Trainer on its own for another two (2) minutes, either with the lip seal spade or training board between the lips.

    Step 2

Cleaning the Lip Seal Trainer

The Myotalea® appliance should be cleaned under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth.

Use Myoclean™ tablets to thoroughly clean twice a week. Myoclean™ is the recommended cleaning agent for all MRC appliances.


Appliance Instructions

Downloadable pdf document with instructions specifically for the LST.

Download Resource

Myobrace Appliance Catalogue

Downloadable pdf document detailing the Myotalea® appliance range.

Download Resource

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